Thursday, April 27, 2017


I went away for a few days - in an aeroplane southwards to Melbourne.  There are a couple of little people I needed to cuddle.....

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Gosh - I know all Nana's say this - but they are gorgeous.  The older one (5 years) is just like Tigger in Winnie the Pooh and as soon as daylight comes he is bouncing to let us know it's morning! So chatty and great fun. 

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 Little one amazed me on his scooter.... can hardly talk (not yet 2) but he knows, shoes, scooter, park..... and if he had his way he would be there all day everyday.

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Anyway - coming back meant I sulked for a couple of days... 

At Easter we don't do heaps of gift giving, but I have a Grandie here and so can't ignore it all together.... however, he doesn't like Chocolate....

Hubz and I put all our loose change in this jar over the year.....

I emptied out all the 10c pieces and 5 c pieces..... and added a rabbit!

Counting them out kept him occupied for a while - he got about $16 out of it.... handy little collection of coins!

.. and I have added my border on my big squares quilt.....

I love it and hope I will find time to quilt it soon - getting cool here 

Another block in Gardener's Journal is done.... these fine ladies are off to the Garden Show....

I wanted to use up some long lengths of wadding for the above quilt.... thought I would show how I join it - I know there are all sorts of different ways but this is what I find easiest

I butted the two straight sides and held them together with some masking tape....  I find this is most important to stop any stretching whilst you sew

then slowly stitched with the widest triple zig zag stitch.....

 On my machine it is the one in 05 here....

hardly shows at the end

Do you join wadding?  I don't very often but I seem to have a collection of long pieces that are fairly wide and I needed some wadding for my big squares quilt...

This block of Dutch Treat took me ages, all those tiny curves....


Righto, Gotto Go... quilting to do, bag to make...


  1. Lovely for you to spend time with the boys, I can quite understand you sulking when you get home! ! That is a great idea for the Easter gift for a non choclate eater. Love the bunny. Your DT block is beautiful!!! Also love the ladies off to the garden show. Thank you for the joining binding hint, I do join but it always stretches and goes out of shape, will keep the tape idea in mind.

  2. Your grandsons are adorable and I know you had a wonderful time with them.
    Love the quilt and your stitchery. I usually save small pieces of batting,works well as stuffing and base material for needle felting.


  3. Always so much happening there - even though you were away for a few days - love the Easter gift idea - fancy a child not liking chocolate!!!
    Great stitching - love the binding tip - though I have been using the tape lately - anything quick is good for me!!

  4. Hi Fiona what a lovely post your grandies boys are so cute and how grown so much,so glad you got to give them cuddles.
    What a great idea for easter for your grandie boy at home,he would've had a ball counting all that money and his bunny is very cute.
    Great idea for bits of wadding and i love your DT block,lovely post my friend hope you have a wonderful day xx

  5. I particularly like the children, the Dutch Treat and the Gardner's Journal block. =)

  6. It's always tough when you say goodbye. I've seen lots of people join wadding, never tried it myself.

  7. I am pleased you had time to come south and enjoy family. I just wish we had better weather for you. Hope you didn't freeze!!
    I think your coin idea is a lovely one.
    Great work on the quilt top and the blocks. Very productive.
    Yes, I hate wasting wadding and love using up the smaller pieces.

  8. Oh it's always lovely catching up with grandchildre,yours are just adorable and always hard saying bye. Love your blocks.

  9. You are allowed to be biased...they are indeed cuties! How lovely you got to go visit. Neat idea for a non chocolate Easter treat! Love all your sewing....that DT block is astonishing! Clever girl. I do occasionally join wadding too. Great idea with the masking tape x

  10. Two cute little boys - double trouble! and I love the gardener ladies. I often patch pieces of batting together but never tried it by machine. I tend to do large zig zaggy tacking stitches which seems to hold it OK. xx

  11. Wonderful to spend time with your two great little GSs....
    Great idea for the Widgets Easter ๐Ÿฃ
    Yes I often join wadding with a big zigzag but hadn't thought to tape it first. Great idea.
    Big Block Quilt looks lovely...
    Beautiful DT block....

  12. OOhhh-thank you for idea of the tape to hold battings pieces together--I just started using up the smaller pcs to make larger ones for acouple wall hangings and couldn't figure out how to hold them together--great idea==you made my day (now if I can remember this idea the next time I need to do it!!)
    looks like 2 wonderful grand boys there--
    pretty sewing projects too--
    enjoy the moments,di

  13. What cute ones. Love the quilt

  14. I DO join pieces of batting together! I use every little scrap! If it's to small to use, I wad it up and use it to dust my way to the trash bin. Don't tell anybody, but these days, it's just about the only time I dust! Sweet boys, lovely ladies! Gosh, I haven't embroidered in a couple of years! Time sure flies! XO

  15. I love those wide long bits of left over wadding and save them for table runners or do the same, join them together for another quilt. I have brought some of that iron on tape, but haven't used it yet, in the past I have always zig zag it together too. Love your little Dutch block, precision hand work!

  16. Yes i join wadding in the same way. :) The little ones are very cute. Love the quilt & your blocks. I didn't give the GS's much chocolate this year as the other side always has an Easter egg hunt & they get way to much chocolate from them. Hugs,xx

  17. Oh my! Those two little ones certainly do look cuddle-able! How adorable. I've only recently started joining batting. I do a lot of smaller projects, and really hate to open a new big batting, so I now look through my scraps to see what I can join. Just did one yesterday, as a matter of fact. I'm so frugal - lol!

  18. It's allways lovely having little ones around and you forget how much energy they
    have and how much they talk!!!! lol Cool idea to save up the coin and then let them
    count it up. Lovely projects you have been making too. Have fun!

  19. Well you may be prejudiced, but you're right - they're gorgeous!!! Love the bunny and change idea, good training for a future bank prez, lol. Your big quilt is so lovely. I never have joined batting, but what a good idea. Love your stitchery and Dutch Treat!

  20. Those are two handsome boys! Your love for them shines through this post :)

    I join batting/wadding the same way. But instead of masking tape, I use an iron-on tape that is made for this exact purpose. You're supposed to use a long strip of it and then you don't need to sew, but it's expensive, so I use little bits like your tape, just to hold it together. Then I sew right through it with the zigzag stitch.

    I save batting pieces that are about 10" or wider. Skinnier than that is too much work for me, so I toss them in the bin of scraps that I use to stuff dog beds for the animal shelters.

  21. Lovely for you to see your grandies and catch up on cuddles, mine came over for a few days and it was heaven. Great alternative to chocolate, I used to be given the choice of fireworks or a book, I always chose the book. Great projects as always and a good tip, thanks. have a great weekend, xcx

  22. Gorgeous grandsons and so lovely you could head down. I love your gardening ladies and am so impressed with your Dutch Treat block.

  23. Nothing betting than cuddling grandies ๐Ÿ’—
    You've been busy too...beautiful projects xx

  24. You have been busy. Lovely that you were able to spend time with your grandies.

  25. I have been making quilts from scrap and joined wadding just last week, I like your idea with the tape I used a running stitch cross ways first. The gardening ladies were from a quilt from a few years back if I am right I loved doing that quilt, it came together well . The square block quilt looks very large , lovely mix of colours.

  26. Oh my gosh Fiona, that DT block is officially insane, you've nailed it, so neat, well done!

    Thank you for sharing those lovely family pics with us; of course your Grandies are super-cute & how lovely to get that precious time with them.
    Yes I have joined batting - can't stand to waste good pieces, & no one knows it once the quilting has been done.


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